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Old India

Indian in City Centre
Book a table or takeaway: This rather special restaurant in the heart of old Bristol is remarkable both for its setting and its high-class, authentic menu. This is the real cuisine of the mogul kings, mixed with contemporary-style avant-garde Indian cuisine. Occupying a stunning mahogany-panelled grade ll-listed building (you could easily imagine yourself in a colonial clubhouse), the restaurant serves the finest meat and vegetarian dishes prepared with exceptional attention to detail. It s strongly Venue-endorsed, too, as our man noted: ˜It s a shade pricier than Kolkatta Kitchen (its Bedminster-based sister restaurant), but the smart set-up and efficiently friendly service mark it as a worthwhile indulgence. Menu S: chargrilled chicken roasted with spiced yogurt; spinach & mashed potato patties with cheese and mustard seeds. M: chicken or lamb cooked in hot, sweet and sour sauce with lentils; whole sea bream in rich bengali-style sauce. P: warm dumplings in rose syrup with fresh cream; ice-cream medley Price ALC: from £3.50/from £6.50/from £3.50 Wine list HW £12 btl, £3 gls




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