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Italian in Bishopston
Restaurant Only: Traditional Italian food cooked up with a modern twist and served with friendly flair. Owner Giancarlo Dall Occo has travelled the world and puts his global culinary experience to great use at this very popular, always good-value-for-money restaurant. Traditional Italian surroundings, a relaxed atmosphere and cosy ambience, plus a huge menu, with frequent updates and specials, keep this family-friendly eatery buzzing. Menu S: fresh minestrone soup; butterfly tiger prawns in breadcrumbs, deep-fried, served with garlic mayo. M: homemade cannelloni stuffed with ricotta and spinach; Pizza Amici: tomato, mushrooms, peppers, corn, anchovies, olives, mozzarella, cheddar cheese; sirloin steak in dolcelatte cheese, cream and white wine sauce. P: ricotta cheesecake; homemade strudel; traditional desserts Price ALC: from £2.65/from £6.50/approx £3.50 Wine list HW approx £10.60 ltr carafe, also by half-litre, small/large gls

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